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Welcome to Paradigm Wealth Management
Paradigm Wealth Management LLC is a full-service wealth management and investment advisory firm based in Bridgewater, NJ with a particular expertise in the delivery of customized lifetime income plans. Lifetime income planning is a precise discipline in financial services which focuses on strategies to guide you from wealth accumulation to wealth distribution and estate transfer.
Paradigm is an independently owned firm, with financial consultants offering investment and financial services through First Allied Securities, Inc..  With a combined 71 years of industry experience, our company commitment has been to provide every client with personalized service and timely advice to help each one reach their financial goals and dreams.

At Paradigm, we provide you the objectivity of working with an independent financial consultant, along with a wide range of financial products and investment services through First Allied Securities, Inc.. Together, we offer you professional, dedicated service with access to the world's financial markets and a wealth of investment opportunities. 

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